Born in Brighton, I graduated in 2018 with a First Class Honours from Camberwell college of Art in Fine Art Drawing. Whilst in my third year, I won the Richard Ford Award which entailed a month long residency in Spain, studying works in the National art museum of Spain: The Museo del Prado in Madrid. Following graduation I have exhibited in small galleries and continued to make Artwork utilising the medium of drawing. I currently own and run an independent gallery in Brighton, King's Arch Gallery which serves as a studio and gallery/event space, showcasing young and early career artists. The work that I have recently been producing focuses on the pervasive nature of capitalism and its influence on society. History has been a major factor in my work, especially since 2017 when I began to look at the influence of certain omnipresent issues within society and politics, particularly in regards to racial dynamics in Britain. This can still be seen in the images that I layer through my work and the themes that I reference such as the origin of capitalism and its progression from Medieval Feudalism, through Renaissance Europe to the colonial period of the 1700's into industrial America, and onward to the present day. Currently I am producing a series of work in regards to the representation both in the U.S and U.K of the first peoples of America, using a fluid drawing technique learned while I was educated at the Royal Drawing School in London, and developed while on residency in Madrid. My aim is to educate, challenge and inspire people to think about the way they function within the constraints of these influences on society.